Leontief Centre Endowment

In 2009 according to the Federal Law № 275-FZ "About the Procedure of Forming and Using the Endowment of Non-Profit Organizations", Leontief Centre Endowment was formed to finance activities in the field of science within ANO ICSER Leontief Centre.   

There was selected a type of endowment, where the owner of the endowment (ANO ICSER Leontief Centre) is also the recipient of the income from its investment (without creating a separate legal entity - a specialized non-profit organization).  

Leontief Centre Endowment Mission. FTSK LC created to support basic and applied research in the social sciences and to promote the formation and development of new scientific fields and scientific schools in the world level.

Leontief Centre Endowment formation objectives:

  • Support for basic and applied research on the social (especially economic) sciences.
  • Promoting of new leading scientific fields and schools formatting.
  • Dissemination of research results.
  • Development of cooperation with recognized scientific schools in Russia and abroad.
  • Support for young scientists.

The main tasks, which are planned by means of the Leontief Centre Endowment, are:

  • Definition of advanced research directions and development of research programs.
  • Formation (including the use of competitive procedures) research teams to carry out scientific research within the adopted programs.
  • Publication of research results and teaching materials.
  • Develop training courses and training manuals.
  • Organization of scientific and practical conferences and seminars.
  • Creation and development of partnership networks with specialized scientific and educational institutions in Russia and abroad.
  • Organization of scientific exchange and fellowship of researchers working on the program of the Fund, the leading scientific Centres. Acceptance of trainees from Russian and foreign scientific and educational Centres.
  • Support the participation of researchers working on the program of the Fund, in the prestigious Russian and international symposia and conferences.
  • Provide (on a competitive basis) scholarships and grants Russias young scientists and graduate students working on topics related to the program adopted by the Fund.
  • Building the scientific and scholarly literature on the scientific areas supported by the Fund under the adopted programs. Subscribe to the leading national and foreign scientific journals, electronic resources and scientific information, etc.

The main directions of research activity in frames of Leontief Centre Endowment are:

In basic research: public choice theory (including such areas as the search for rent, modern theories of the state, the problem of efficiency in the provision of public goods, the theory of property rights, government failure, the problems of economic freedom and economic development), as well as economic history, Economics, law and the new spatial economy.

In the field of applied research: sectoral and regional studies of economic and social problems of Russia (including such areas as public finance, labor market, civil society institutions, real estate markets and urban development, regional policy and regional development, social stratification and upward social mobility, Transportation, economic cooperation with the EU).

Term formation of Leontief Centre Endowment. Endowment formes with no fixed term.